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  • Dr Martin Whitely

New book 'Overprescribing Madness - What's driving Australia's epidemic of mental illness.'

Available online in paperback ($29.95) or e-book ($11.95) or in selected bookstores.

What the experts say:

As a teacher and parliamentarian, Martin Whitely smelled a rat in the ADHD industry and drove reforms that tackled reckless-prescribers head-on. Now, in Over-Prescribing Madness, he exposes the rhetoric, hype and self-interest, behind Australia's faux-epidemic of mental illness. More importantly, Whitely identifies affordable solutions to ensure those who need help, get help, that is safe and effective.

Prof Jon Jureidini

Child Psychiatrist University of Adelaide

Martin Whitely adroitly exposes the drug industry's two big lies - that all human distress is caused by chemical imbalance and there's a pill for every problem. He combines a politician's savvy, a researcher's knowledge, and a writer's eloquence in this valuable book.

Prof Allen Frances

Chair American Psychiatric Association DSM4 Taskforce

Over-Prescribing Madness is a must read for anyone, lay or professional, who is interested in understanding the impact of mental health services on patients and society more broadly. Dr Whitely combines his academic skills with his background in politics to narrate a sorry tale of how Australians were sold a dangerous medical model of psychiatry that expanded the pool of people thought to have a mental disorder/illness along with drug prescribing that has undoubtedly exposed more people to harm than were helped. Every politician should read Dr Whitely's prescription for the minimum recommended political actions needed to remedy this sorry state of affairs.

Prof Sami Timimi

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Lincoln UK

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