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Contact To contact PsychWatch Australia email  Media and research enquiries, story leads, and offers to contribute articles are welcome.

Who are We - PsychWatch Australia is an informal collaboration of psychiatrists, psychologists, epidemiologists, policy researchers and mental health service consumers with lived experience.  At least once a month we will publish a detailed referenced blog examining an important aspect of mental health policy and psychiatric practice in Australia.  Hopefully eventually we will provide a professional and comprehensive mental health related news service.  Irrespective we will do our best to keep you informed.

Disclaimers - PsychWatch  Australia and its publisher and editor Dr Martin Whitely have no connection with any business, religion or any other relevant conflict of interest. Dr Whitely has no medical training and Psychwatch Australia does not offer treatment advice. The opinions expressed are those of the individual authors of any item published on this site. Any advertising that appears on this site is not controlled or endorsed by the publisher.

Right of Reply - We believe in open debate. Any person or organisation referred to in any blog will be able to publish a response (as long as it is civil and not libelous).

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